Folding Cartons

Give your product a packaging that realy makes it stand out!

Folding carton: For a unique look for your Product(s)

Are you looking for a suitable packaging for your product? Or do you want to make your current product attractive with a box? Folding carton offers many possible solutions here. Together with our partner Microbox Packaging, Altrif Label has a wide range of folding carton packaging. Many national and international companies use our products for various products. Whether it concerns products that are packed directly in a box (chocolate) or a gift box, we offer the best solution for you. Some examples of folding cardboard options are: conical boxes, gift packaging and auto-lock boxes.

We know better than anyone that your packaging must convince the customer to make a purchase, and show the quality of the product. That is why it is important that your box is attractive and distinctive from the competition. Folding carton can be subdivided between glued and non-glued boxes. In addition, we can also produce food-safe boxes. 

See our various product groups of folding carton below.

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Folding Carton pre-glued


Folding carton can be split in three groups. The most common folding carton boxes are pre-glued. This type of packaging only has to be filled and processed. You do not need your own glueing-machines. 

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Folding Carton un-glued


Folding carton can be split in three groups. Un-glued folding packaging is a bit cheaper than glued packaging but you do need your own glueing-machines. Have a look at the different types of packaging. 

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Direct Food Contact


Folding carton can be split in three groups. Since folding carton is used a lot in the food market, there are lots of boxes that van be used for direct food contact. Have a look at the direct food possibilities.

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Branches and Certification

Folding cartons is used in many different markets. Partly due to the BRC Certificate of our sister company (St-Luc), we are fully certified to produce food-safe packaging. Think of freshly packaged food, chocolates or cheese. What is important to your market and which products are used most? See our separate branches page for more information. Is your industry not listed? Contact us for a tailored advice.

Even though your product already has an existing packaging, folding cardboard can give your product a distinctive character to persuade the customer. For example a neck hanger for a bottle of wine, or a fancy box for nail polish. There are several advantages to the use of folding cardboard for your product. It gives you more room for your commercial information and a box provides more feeling to a product. And who does not like to unpack something?

See below some examples of our folding carton products:


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