Certification of a Printing company

For a printing company like Altrif Label, certificates are very important. As an organization we need to be up to date to the latest requirements in areas such as: quality, food safety & the environment. Within our market, certain certificates are the norm to have as a printing company. Think of ISO 9001 and the FSC quality mark. We also have additional certificates that are more unique in the market. For example the FSSC 22000 and the RafCycle certificate. Besides that Altrif Label is an ISO certified printing company, we have much more.

To ensure that we meet the latest requirements, we are audited annually in various ways. For example, there are the annual external audits of the certificates themselves, whereby we are assessed by independent organizations whether we still meet all the requirements. These demands change every year, making it a continuous process. In addition, we keep the obligatory internal audits to keep ourselves sharp, and optimize where necessary. Finally, there are several large clients of us who want to carry out an audit themselves to see if we meet all their additional requirements. So you can say that we are examined closely every year!

Below you can go to the separate pages (dutch) of the various certificates and download our most recent certificate.


More about our separate certificates + download the current testimonials.

ISO 9001

Quality management

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Recycling backing material

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FSSC 22000

Food Safety System

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