Flexible Packaging

Possible in both large and small production runs.

Flexible Packaging: the Solution for Your Product(s)

Are you looking for the right packaging for your product? With flexible packaging you have numerous options to optimally present your product to your target group. Together with our partner St-Luc Labels and Packaging, we serve a large number of national and international customers in many different markets.

Packaging is important for your product. After all, this packaging must convince the consumer to make the purchase! Altrif Label has a wide range of different types of flexible packaging. Flexible packaging can be split between shrink sleeves and foil applications such as sachetsflow packsshrink sleeves and band wrappers. On our website, we explain each product, plus everything you need to know for optimal presentation of your product.

Below you will find our range of shrink sleeves and foil applications.

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Shrink Sleeves


If you are looking for packaging that covers your complete product for 360 degree - for all your product information - then a shrink sleeve is what you need. Read more about the possibilities and our product range.

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Printed and unprinted film/foil is a widely used packaging for products. From the well-known pack-ready meals (top seals) to candy packaging (flowpacks). Read more about foil applications and our possibilities.

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Production options for specific markets

In terms of production, our HP Indigo 20.000 is a special printing machine for flexible packaging. This digital machine specializes in small runs at cost effective prices. We also use this press for personalized (and HP-mosaic) packaging. Cliché and start-up costs are a thing of the past with our HP-production. At the other end of the scale, our flexo presses offer an ideal solution for large production runs. We are happy to advise you on the most economical production method to meet your needs.

Our flexible packaging is applicable in (almost) every market. Companies in both the food and non-food markets use our flexible packaging for their products. Chances are you have often seen our products in supermarkets or stores. View our separate product pages to see what is often used in your particular market. Is your industry not mentioned?  Then contact us for tailor-made advice for your sector.

See below some examples of flexible packaging:


Why Altrif for your Flexible Packaging?

  • Specialist in both small (digital) and large (flexo) production runs.
  • Fast delivery times, to meet exact customer requirements
  • High-tech prepress department with the latest technologies for a perfect layout.
  • +20 years of experience in the flexibles market (St-Luc).
  • Samples and demo models free on request.
  • Tailor-made advice from our specialist account managers.

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