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Fast reply to your request from our specialists. Speed and Flexibility are our strenghts!

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Many companies order their labels and packaging from various markets

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Below some of the markets we opperate in. Have a look at your specific market and the type packaging that is mostly used. 



In the food market packaging often comes into direct contact with food. Therefore food safety is very important. We have all the required certificates to produce packaging for direct food contact. 


Oil & Lubricants

Labels and packaging in the oil & lubricants industry need to be resistant to grease, oil residue and dirt. With the right material and finishing we protect the packaging form external influences. 




Packaging in the cosmetics market often needs to have a luxurious and high-quality look. In this industry the packaging really needs to catch the eye of the consumer and persuade them. 

  • Multi layered labels & Booklets

    Bart Frèrejean - 24/10/2018

    Labels can exist in multiple layers as well. The main advantage of these booklets or multi layered labels is the extra space for product information. Read more.

  • St-Luc acquires Dutch printing company Pharmalabel

    Management - 26/6/2018

    St-Luc Labels & Packaging has acquired another Dutch printing company in Roosendaal. Pharmalabel is the newest member of the St-Luc Group.

  • Labels on Fruit, how does that work?

    Altrif Label - 1/1/2018

    You see them often in the supermarket, labels on fruit or vegetables. How does that work regarding adhesion and food safety?

  • New: Trio Labels

    Bart Frèrejean - 11/10/2017

    You can now order trio labels on a role at Altrif Label. These multi-layer labels are ideal if you need more room for your product information.