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Envelope Packaging

An envelope package, also called a pochette, is a flat folding carton package with or without insertion flap. This flat package is often used to package sliced ​​fish or meat products. These products are already packaged and nicely presented with an envelope package. The package is completely closed on three sides and often has a closure at the top. This flap closure clicks firmly into the packaging giving a first usage guarantee. A pochette therefore often gives a luxurious look because it can be printed on both sides and gives so much extra space to your product. In terms of sector, an envelope is mainly used in the food market.

The use of a window is also common with an envelope package. This to show the product. Even a double window to show different parts of the product is possible. In addition, a pochette can also be provided with an euroslot which makes it easy to hang.

Are you looking for a flat package to present your product nicely? Then an envelope package is a suitable solution. Contact Altrif Label for a customized advice!

More about Envelope Packaging:

  • Full printing possible (both sides) which offers a lot of space for product information
  • The envelope packaging gives protection and a decent appearance to your product
  • Up to 8 colors of printing + 1 paint option
  • Extra options: window (s) & eurolock
  • Has many applications in sliced meat or fish products
  • High flexibility in the shape, size and edition of your boxes
  • Envelope packages are delivered flat (flat)
  • Ask your question online and get a response within 24 hours

Possible finishes

See below some possible references for envelope packaging. These are the most used finishes but certainly not the only ones.

perforatie-in-mes.png Perforation           vernis.png Varnish

coldfoil.png Cold Foil               thermo-chromic-inkt.png Soft Touch 

Possible materials

See below some possible materials for envelope packaging. These are the most popular materials, but certainly not the only ones.

speciaal.png GD-quality          film-glans-pet.png GC2-quality         papier-glans.png Craft-quality

papier-gemetalliseerd.png GC1-quality         film-glans-pvc-2.png SBS-quality

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