Direct Food Contact

Folding carton for direct contact with food products.

Cartboard packaging for direct food contact

Food-safe packaging is of course important in the food industry. This is no different for folding cardboard, which is why all aspects that influence this aspect are taken into account in the development of this packaging. Packaging must meet many requirements in order to come into direct contact with food.

Both non-glued and glued boxes can be suitable for direct food contact (food grade). Some examples of food-safe packaging are: chocolate packaging (ballotins), tomato boxes (supermarket) and nested trays.

Altrif Label, in collaboration with St-Luc Labels & Packaging, has many years of experience in the food market. Through this experience we have all the knowledge about what a product must meet. As with other folding cardboard packaging, custom-made products are also provided here.

There is a lot to look at with food safety. For example, some packaging must be air-permeable (cheese packaging), and the odor or taste transfer of the packaging is obviously out of the question. Also inks in which the packaging is printed may not contaminate the product (migration). Many certificates and tests are required for each product. We do this in collaboration with an external laboratory for independent research, and our direct suppliers. This ensures that your safety is guaranteed.

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Conical boxes or ballotin are often used for chocolate. The shape and fancy appearance make this cardboard packaging unique in its kind.

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Inlay cards are cardboard cards that can come into direct contact with food and offer firmness to product packaging. They can be also be printed in FC.

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Nested trays are similar to pre-glued trays and suitable for direct food contact. They are delivered ready-to-use and are quick in processing.

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Why folding carton for your product?

  • A unique appearance with regard to other packaging forms such as labels or foil.
  • 100% food-safe packaging possible.
  • Beautiful refinements give your product the desired look you are looking for.
  • Tailor-made for your specific packaging in terms of form, edition and finish.
  • Also ecological solutions (cardboard) possible.

Why folding carton at Altrif Label?

  • Besides the folding carton we can also produce all other packaging for you (labels, foil, shrink sleeves etc.).
  • Advice from Altrif Label for the best form of cardboard for your product / question.
  • Own development of models of your desired packaging.
  • Years of experience in different markets and sectors.

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