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Possible in any shape, form or colour. 

Over 35 years’ experience of producing labels  

If you are looking for self-adhesive labels, than Altrif Label is your partner! With over +35 years of experience in the label market, we are a specialist in producing many different types of labels. Ranging from single-layered labels, to more complex multi-layered items, we can help you. 

If you need a custom made solution then we can help you as well.  One of our key strengths is our fast and flexible way of working. With this approach, more than a 1000 companies order their labels with us. We understand that labels are an integral and vital part of your product. Often the label needs to persuade the costumer to purchase your product. Have a look at our capability and if you have any questions, we are more than happy to help you. 

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Our Product Categories 

Click on the different product categories to see all our different types of labels. Next to the numerous labels, custom made solutions are possible as well. 

If product security is what you need, than security labels are the solution. Whether the security effect needs to be visible of invisible, these labels...

Our security labels

A somewhat unknown group within self-adhesive labels are the linerless labels. These labels, who are also known as sealwraps, differentiate themselves by having no backing material.

Our linerless labels

More about Labels

How to order labels

How do I order labels from Altrif? Learn more about our ordering process. We guide you through every step of ordering your labels from us. From original artwork to the delivery, Altrif is your partner for the job. 

Labels on role

How do you want to receive your labels? Altrif can produce your labels to your exact requirements in terms of quantity and time. Do you want labels on rolls, sheets or individually cut and stacked? In this way, we guarantee an optimal labelling process for your production line. 

A printing company 

As a printing company, we have contact with many clients every day. With many different machines and production possibilities, we manage their orders. Discover how your label is being produced and learn more about Altrif Label.

Why order your labels at Altrif Label?

  • More than +35 years of experience in printing self adhesive labels.
  • Custom made advise to your requirements.
  • Free samples of all our labels.
  • Free advice from our product specialists.

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