Linerless Labels

Fast processing of your labels without backing material

Linerless Labels

A somewhat unknown group in the Benelux within self-adhesive labels are linerless labels, also known as seal wraps. These labels are characterized by the fact that they do not have backing material (backing paper) on which regular labels are delivered. These labels are therefore placed directly on the product from the roll, so that you no longer have waste as a customer.

Linerless labels are often applied to meat and fish packaging in the supermarket, but other application markets are certainly possible. Some examples are: top / bottom labels, C-Labels and skinpack labels. In addition to the individual labels on your packaging, different labels can also be combined. Within the Benelux, the St-Luc group, of which Altrif Label is part, is one of the few that can produce linerless labels. We provide a correct label for your packaging demand. After all, customized supply is one of our spearheads!

The biggest advantage of Linerless Labels is the high processing speed. Compared to alternatives, you as a customer can process much more (up to 120 pieces per minute) labels than normal. For a customer, the biggest profit combination with the labeling technique lies here. The downside is that linerless labels are best suited for large print runs. After all, a customer must purchase a (own) processing machine to coordinate their production process. Altrif label can support you throughout this process. From the purchase of the machine to the right labels for your product.

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C-labels are labels in the shape of the letter C and form themselves around the packaging. This way the label (partially) covers three sides of the packaging.

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Top and Bottom labels are linerless labels that are regularly places on the packaging. A very common application of linerless products.

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Full Wrap Labels are linerless labels that are folded fully around the packaging. That way you have a lot of room for product information.

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Skinpack labels are linerless labels that follow the shape of the packaging. Due to the gluestrips the labels sticks nicely onto the packaging.

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Difference regular labels

Linerless labels differ in various ways from regular labels. The labels are provided with strips of glue to assure adhesion. Next the printed top of the label are provided with silicone to make sure it doesn’t stich to the bottom of the label. Due to this production method more labels can be printed on a role. Because the labels can partially (e.g. C-label) or  fully (full-wrap) cover your packagin, you have a lot of space for product information.

Linerless labels are produced on either plastic material of paper/folding carton. When you print your label on plastic than you can choose between transparent or white material for a see through effect. Depending on your desires you can add a window inside the label to show the product through the packaging. A paper label provides a more crafty look and feel.

Why choose linerless labels?

  1. Increase production output; more speed and automation in your production/logistic process
  2. More labels on a role means less change over during production
  3. Better adhesion to unequal surfaces, such as Skinpack labels
  4. No more waste because there is no more backing material
  5. Also printable in FSC material

Why linerless labels at Altrif Label?

  • One of the few real linerless label producers in the Benelux
  • The most experienced partner in the Benelux
  • Strong support in the set-up of the complete production process. Next to producing the labels we are also a knowledge partner
  • One-stop-shop for all your packaging. Are you looking for different packaging then linerless labels? No problem for us.

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