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Foil Applications

You see them lying daily in shops and supermarkets, different types of foil packaging Whether it is individual candy packaging or bags where food is packaged, foil is everywhere. Logically, many different types and sizes are available. We are happy to show you which packaging form applies to you. Some examples of foil applications are: sachets, flow packs, band wrappers, doy packs and top films.

Foil can be produced in several ways. This depends mainly on the wishes of the customer. For the larger print runs we have conventional printing presses that guarantee high print quality in HD flexo.

Are you looking for smaller print runs, for example for a specific promotion of your product? Then we can produce this quickly and flexibly with digital machines.

The flagship of digital technology is the HP 20.000 press. This press makes it possible to quickly print small runs, whether or not personalized. Then laminated with water-based glue to ensure a 100% food-safe construction. 

Because the type of foil product depends strongly on the processing machine that the customer has, we always ask for it. Do you use your foil vertically or horizontally? Does your packaging come into direct contact with food or not? Tell us and we offer a tailor-made solution

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Flowpack packaging is available in many varieties. It is the most commonly used foil packaging in any market or industrie.

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Doypacks are a type of flowpack that gives you the possibility to present your packaging standing up.

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Sachets are commonly used packaging for smaller products. Often for one-piece products or samples.

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Stick packs are a version of the flowpack. Stick packs are often used for small products and can contain e.g. sugar or sauces.

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If you want to fully wrap your product or bundle severe products together, you can use a band wrapper. This type of flexible packaging is..

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Top Seal foil is a commonly used packaging for fresh food products. Top seals come in many shapes and sizes and can be printed in FC.

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Why choose foil packaging for your product?

  • Flexible applications may vary depending on your product (size, shape, printing, etc.).
  • 100% foodsafe packaging for direct food contact.
  • Foil delivered on roll in the desired numbers, diameter and winding to your liking.
  • Fast delivery times.

Why foil packaging from Altrif Label?

  • Experience through partnership with St-Luc Labels & Packaging.
  • Wide machine park to meet everyone's needs (large and small runs).
  • Besides producer also knowledge partner for customers and prospects. Tailor-made solutions are our strength.
  • Are you looking for another packaging besides a foil package? No problem, look further on our website for labels, boxes or other flexible packaging.
  • One-stop-shop for all your packaging questions.

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