Single-Layer Labels

Single-layer labels

Coupons, gemini, no-label look or textile labels, these are just a few examples of the wide product range of single-layer labels that Altrif Label can offer. Our professionals are working hard each day to supply products of the highest possible quality. In addition, our production is constantly trying out new ideas to develop new products to add to our assortment. Our production facilities give the possibility to produce labels in small and large quantities

A label is of vital importance to the visual appeal of a product. The shape, colours and design are of influence to the sales results. Is your interest aroused and would you like more information about a specific product? Then go directly to the right product page and ask us for a customised quotation. You will receive a quotation within 24 hours. 

If your product is not specifically mentioned, we can still help you. We would like to ask you to contact on of our experts . Altrif Label wil provide you with the right information regarding material, colours, printing and finishing for your product or packaging.

Below you can find our single-layer labels

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A coupon label is a non resealable label that is placed on the product for on-product promotion. Two sides of the product can be printed with...


Eurolock labels are a type of label that has a opening in the top of the label. The rest of the label is attached to the product itself. Eurolock labels are commonly used in....


Flag labels are used to simply distinguish product from each other. Organize your products in an clear and orderly manner using a flag label.


If you are looking for a label with a unique effect, then the gemini label is your label of choice. A Gemini Label is a label that is printed on both the front and rear side


Handgrip labels are unusual in their application. Were regular labels provide you...


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Window labels are labels suitable for use on windows, mirrors or other surfaces. Have a look at the various applications of window labels.


Transparent labels are labels that are partially of fully see through. This creates a unique effect for your product. Alternatively, No-Label Look gives....


Metallic labels provide a look of metal, gold, silver, copper and much more to your label. Give your labels the preferred design you want with a unique material.


The standard label in the market, multi-colour labels are labels in any shape or size in full colour. Contact us if you are not yet sure what label you are looking for.

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A seal label offers your product more security whether the product has been opened or not. Since the seal breaks as soon as the product is...


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