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Standard pre-glued Packaging

This box is the most used application within folding cardton packaging. This box has its application in many different markets and branches and is universally used. This standard pre-glued packaging is typed because the back of the package is glued. In addition, the box is closed on both sides with two regular valves. Many boxes have their base from the longitudinal seam glued application. These boxes are easy to process and fill for a customer/processor, which ensures efficiency. Because these boxes are already glued, there is no need for a separate adhesive line to close the boxes. The shape of the box can be produced very diverse if it is only an angular shape (square, rectangular etc.).

A glued or non-glued interior can be placed in the box. This interior has the function of keeping your product (s) in place, whereby a dividing wall is also possible. For example, if you want to pack two bottles in a box and do not bump into each other.

Do you want to show your product in the cardboard packaging? This can easily be done by placing a window. A window can be placed in the box in different forms and at different locations. Both with plastic screen and just an open window is possible. Even multiple windows if desired.

Are you looking for a basic package of folding cardboard for your product? Then the longitudinal seam glued box is a suitable solution. Contact Altrif Label for a customized advice!

About Standard pre-glued Boxes:

  • The standard in the market for cardboard packaging
  • Full printing (360 degrees) possible which offers a lot of space for product information
  • A (long seam) pre-glued box gives your product a chic look
  • Up to 8 colors of printing + 1 paint option
  • Extra options: window (s), legs, interior
  • Knows applications in the diet, medical, cosmetics, etc.
  • High flexibility in the shape, size, edition of your boxes
  • These boxes are delivered flat (flat)
  • Ask your question online and get a response within 24 hours

Possible finishes

See below some possible references for folding carton. These are the most used finishes but certainly not the only ones.

perforatie-in-mes.png Perforation           vernis.png Varnish

coldfoil.png Cold Foil               thermo-chromic-inkt.png Soft Touch 

Possible materials

See below some possible materials for folding carton. These are the most popular materials, but certainly not the only ones.

speciaal.png GD-quality          film-glans-pet.png GC2-quality         papier-glans.png Craft-quality

papier-gemetalliseerd.png GC1-quality         film-glans-pvc-2.png SBS-quality

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