Multi-Layer Labels

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Multi-layer labels

Sandwich, coupon, booklet or other duo and trio-labels are examples of multilayer labels. Altrif Label is a specialist when it comes to this category of products. You need sufficient space for your marketing communication. And what about room for your different languages? For this situation a multi-layer label is a very suitable solution. This type of label is often used for price reduction offers or promotions.

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A coupon label multi layer is a product were two labels of the same size are placed on top of each other. The top layer of this label can be permanently removed and the bottom layer remains on the product. That is why a coupon label is ideal for promotions on products.


A dry-peel label is a double layered label with a unique function due to its glue. Once the top label is removed from the bottom label it can no longer be resealed....


If you are looking for a piggyback label you have come to the right place. Altrif Label has created several piggyback solutions for...


A peel and reseal label, also called a sandwich label, can be opened and resealed. If you need a label for your product that can contain a lot of information.....

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A booklet label is a self-adhesive laber on which a non-adhesive resealable booklet is placed. Booklet labels are...


If you need a label that can contain lots of information about your product, than the Trio Label is your solution. Read more...


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