Folding Carton un-glued

A unique appearance with customized folding carton for your product.

Folding Carton un-glued as Packaging

Unsightened boxes characterize themselves because they do not have to be glued, as the word says. These boxes have a certain construction so that they take their final form with the folding. This differs from the boxes that are supplied pre-glued. Folding cardboard boxes have various advantages over other packaging forms.

The applicability of these boxes is very wide and different types of folding cardboard can be applied to many products. Folding board is therefore widely used in many markets. From food to cosmetics. Some examples of un-glued cardboard solutions are: click-lock boxes, inserts, neck hangers and hanging cards.

Unfied folding cardboard is generally cheaper than glued folding cardboard because an extra production (gluing) is saved. However, a customer must know that the boxes must be processed manually (folded) (exception click-lock). This naturally requires more time than mechanical processing. This form of folding cardboard can be produced both conventionally and digitally. With this we respond to the demand from the market.

The strength of Altrif and its partners has always been tailor-made. Depending on your needs, we advise you in the right folding carton packaging for your product. If you can not find your desired product, please contact us. Tailor-made solutions remain our strength.

View our various un-glued packaging below.

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Why folding carton for your product?

  • A unique appearance with regard to other packaging forms such as labels or foil.
  • 100% food-safe packaging possible.
  • Beautiful refinements give your product the desired look you are looking for.
  • Tailor-made for your specific packaging in terms of form, edition and finish.
  • Also ecological solutions (cardboard) possible.

Why folding carton at Altrif Label?

  • Besides the folding carton we can also produce all other packaging for you (labels, foil, shrink sleeves etc.).
  • Advice from Altrif Label for the best form of cardboard for your product / question.
  • Own development of models of your desired packaging.
  • Years of experience in different markets and sectors.

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