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Autolock Bottom Packaging

A cardboard package with an autolock refers to the closure (bottom) of the box. In contrast to a regular flap closure of, for example, a longitudinal glued box, an autolock package automatically collapses. The valves of the bottom slide into each other which makes for a very sturdy package for, for example, heavier products. The bottom of this box can also not fall open. If you have an even heavier product that even a car block bottom is not suitable for, you can opt for an extra reinforced bottom.

Just as with a regular box, you can customize a package with a car lock closure in different ways. For example, with a window or an interior to keep your product firmly in place.

Outside the bottom closure, a car lock box can be made in any desired shape. You can determine the shape, size and closure at the top yourself. If you are unsure whether your product needs a car lock, please contact us without obligation. We can provide you with tailor-made advice.

More about Autolock Packaging:

  • Full printing (360 degrees) possible which offers a lot of space for product information
  • The autolock closure is very suitable for heavier packaging and possibly extra reinforcement
  • Up to 8 colors of printing + 1 paint option
  • Extra options: window (s), legs & interior
  • Knows applications in food, medical, cosmetics and more
  • High flexibility in the shape, size and edition of your boxes
  • These glued boxes are supplied flat (flat)
  • Ask your question online and get a response within 24 hours

Possible finishes

See below some possible references for auto-lock bottom boxes. These are the most used finishes but certainly not the only ones.

perforatie-in-mes.png Perforation           vernis.png Varnish

coldfoil.png Cold Foil               thermo-chromic-inkt.png Soft Touch 

Possible materials

See below some possible materials for auto-lock bottom boxes. These are the most popular materials, but certainly not the only ones.

speciaal.png GD-quality          film-glans-pet.png GC2-quality         papier-glans.png Craft-quality

papier-gemetalliseerd.png GC1-quality         film-glans-pvc-2.png SBS-quality

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