Booklets and Multi layered labels

Labels are one of the most commonly used types of packaging for products. Almost all products need some kind of label to inform the consumer about the ingredients, characteristics or advantages. A product without a label would be boring and uninformative for the consumer. 

Next to the standard single-layered labels there are also multi-layered labels. These labels can exist of two, three of even four layers which correspond with multiple pages for product information. Ideal if you have a lot te tell or for export purposes (multiple languages). Booklets go even further and can have up to 20 pages. Read more about these special labels. 

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Multi-layer labels

Whether your desired label needs three, five or seven printable sides, multi layered labels can provide this for your. We produce multiple lanes of labels and place these over each other. Next they are glued (self adhesive) together and cut in the right shape. This way the labels can be produced in any shape of colour desired. Examples are: sandwich labels, peel and reseal labels and dry-peel labels. Each individual label has its own advantage. Multi layer labels are often used for export or on products that need a lot of information on them. But also small products for example in the cosmetic market can have multi-layered labels. 


The difference between booklets and labels lies in the way they are produced. Both have different production possibilities. Depending on the needs of a customer either a multi layered label of a booklet is suitable. Booklets are small paper books that are pre-printed with the desired product information (ingredients, languages, promotional terms etc.). Then these books are feedered and provided with a plastic film to keep them in their place. These booklets are easy to open and can have any shape desired. These labels are often used for promotional purposes.

Multi-layered labels for various markets:

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  • More than 35 years of experience in the label market.
  • Specialized in multi layered labels.
  • Lots o domestic and international customers. 
  • Own prepress department for all types artwork (+in-house design).
  • Next to labels also possibilities in flexibles and folding carton


  • ISO 9001 - quality management
  • FSSC 22000 - food safety systems
  • FSC - responsible forestry
  • Rafcycle - recycling of backing material