New: Trio Labels on role

What is a Trio Label?

Do you need multiple languages on your label, or do you want more space for your marketing communication? We have a tailor-made solution for these questions! Trio labels consist of three layers and five printable sides. This is the solution for placing all product information in multiple languages on one label.



From now on you can get trio-labels on a role from Altrif Label. Trio-labels are comparable to multi layered duo-labels. A big advantage is that with the trio-label you have an extra page at your disposal. The additional page offers more possibilities, when using several languages for example. On top of this you have more space on the front label for your logo, product name and for providing information.

Additional characteristics of the Trio-label:

  • User instructions;
  • Product descriptions;
  • Actions with numbering or scratch off;
  • Information in more languages is possible;
  • Promotion activities;
  • Short customised lead times available.

Is your interest aroused or would you like more information with no further obligation? Then please contact one of our experts.