Our History

The History of Altrif Label

From a family business in the southern province of Brabant, to one of the largest printing companies in the Benelux in the field of self adhesive labels. Free Doomen started his business in 1973 working in and from his garage. Printing had fascinated him since childhood. His passion for printing, a large dose of perseverance and a lot of hard work has resulted in Altrif Label being one of the largest label printers in the Benelux countries with more than 85 employees. Together with Dion Goderie, they made Altrif Label to the company it is today. 


After gaining years of experience in the printing industry, Free Doomen decided to chase his dream. Altrif Label opened her doors in 1973. The business was started from his garage.



Altrif label presented itself as a printer with almost unlimited possibilities (and that is still true today). The company was bursting at the seams in the garage and in 1978 Free Doomen made the next step. With the move into new business premises in Oudenbosch, Altrif Label created new opportunities.



Altrif Label exploited these new possibilities to the full. The continued investment and pursuit of innovation led to such growth that the premises in Oudenbosch quickly became too small. In 1989 Altrif Label transferred to bigger, more modern premises in Roosendaal. 



Just one year after moving into the new building it became apparent that the first expansion was necessary. In this period there was explosive growth at Altrif Label. This resulted in the further addition of a complete production hall to the existing building.


The production hall was not the only extension coming from the explosive growth. There was also a major expansion of the production facilities, in particular the machinery. The first conventional printing press was commissioned.


In 1992 the company premises were again almost bursting at the seams. In order to respond to the increasing demand for self adhesive labels an extra storey was added to the building in that same year. This expansion focused mainly upon the modernisation of Sales, â€‹Finance & HR.


Once again an extension to the Altrif Label facilities appeared to be necessary. In 1996 the production capacity was increased by realising yet another extension. The decision made was to construct a second production hall alongside the existing one.


Certificates that show that we have a quality management system.


1998 is a year to remember for Altrif Label. This was the year the first digital printing press entered production. The company was one of the first label printers to see huge potential in this printing technique. When digital printing came onto the scene in 1998, Altrif Label was one of the first to get on board.


Altrif Label has an environmental management system since 2012. Hereby can be seen that we comply with the requirements of the relevant environmental law and regulations. In addition we are consciously proactive to the environment and we try to integrate our activities throughout the whole supply chain.


Altrif Label has a food safety management system since 2013. The HACCP principles are a fixed element within the system, together with interactive communication, system management and a basic conditions programme.


Merger with St-Luc Labels & Packaging. A large Belgian printing company specialised in labels, flexibles and folding carton. 



Merger with Pharmalabel. A pharmaceutical printing company specialist in labels for the pharmaceutical market.