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Booklet Labels

Booklet labels provide almost unlimited communication possibilities. These labels consist of a self adhesive base-label to which a resealable booklet or leaflet is attached. The format and number of pages is adjustable to suite the individual information requirements. Both the base label and the booklet can be printed in the required colours. Booklet labels are used in a variety of markets, ranging from food to automotive. Due to the large availability of space a booklet label is ideal for products that need this space for their commercial of legals information. For example: instructions or ingredients in multiple languages. And what about the application for promotions on your product? No problem for a booklet.  

The shape, colour, manner of unfolding or the amount of pages are very flexible. Altrif Label has a lot of experience in booklet labels. Contact us and let's have a look at the best solution for your product. 

Characteristics of Booklet Labels:

  • Very suitable if a product needs to have a lot of information on the product itself and a regular label does not suffice. 
  • Commonly used to promote promotions, for example discounts, recipes, competitions etc. 
  • More than enough space for product information in multiple languages. For example for export markets.
  • Easy to open and close due to the use of glue that is resealable
  • Deliverable on several materials and in different manners rol winding 
  • Custom made solution in the right size that fits your product
  • Download our free productsheet with all the information about Booklet Labels. 

Booklet Labels

Have a look at the video below about how a Booklet Label works. 

Possible finishes




Perforation in die










Embroding ink


Scratch-off ink


Odor ink


Thermo Chromic ink


Iriodine ink


Glow-in-the-dark ink

Possible materials



Paper | Gloss



Paper | Matte



Paper | Uncoated



Paper | Metallized



Paper | Thermal Top



Paper | Thermal Eco



Film | Gloss PE



Film | Gloss PET



Film | Gloss PVC



Synthetic Material



Special Material

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