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Dry-Peel Labels

A dry-peel label label consists of two equally sized labels that are placed on top of each other. This type of duo-label is not resealable and here it differs from a peel and reseal label. A dry-peel label is similar to a multi layer coupon label. The difference is the use of a different type of glue. With this glue the top label is glued to the bottom label, but as soon as the label is removed it no longer sticks. With this type of duo-label you have three printable sides for your marketing information. This label is very suitable for price reduction and/or savings offers, for example in supermarkets and regular shops. 

A commonly used application is a refund promotion where the customer can use the label itself to get a refund at the check-out. Order your dry-peel labels at Altrif Label for fast and flexible production!

Characteristics of Dry-Peel labels:

  • Very suitable for promotional activities on your product, such as saving offers or reduction codes
  • Specially selected materials keep the label thin and easily applicable
  • The top layer can be easily removed leaving no adhesive glue on the remaining bottom label
  • The product retains its original appeal after the top layer is removed
  • Product based actions with numbering or scratch off are possible
  • Available in different material types
  • Custom made solutions possible tailored to your needs (shape, size, etc.)
  • Download our free productsheet with all the information about dry-peel labels

Video - Dry-Peel Labels

Have a look at the video below about dry-peel labels.

Possible finishes




Perforation in die








Scratch-off ink


Odor ink

Possible materials


Paper | Gloss


Paper | Matte


Papier | Uncoated


Paper | Metallized


Paper | Thermal Top


Paper | Thermal Eco


Film | Matte White


Film | Gloss PP


Film | Gloss PET


Film | Gloss PVC

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