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A flow pack is a vertical or horizontal flexible packaging form. The product can be used for packaging multiple and single products. In particular, the latter variant is a common form with premiums or sample bags.

In addition, a flow pack, also called a pillow pack, also has many applications in the food (cookies, sweets, sugar bags etc.) and non-food sector (soaps, toys, etc.). We can supply a Flowpack packaging both printed and unprinted. For example if you want to show your product through the packaging.

Important for the flowpack type is the processing machine that you or your co-packer has. Altrif Label can advise you here. Food safety is also important for flow packs. All our flow packs are 100% food safe and have a strong barrier against different types of migration.

A flow pack is a widely used packaging in various markets. Altrif Label specializes in the efficient production of both small and large print runs. Send your flowpack request easily via the website.

About Flowpacks:

  • A flow pack can be processed both horizontally and vertically
  • Both large (flexo) and small (digital) print runs
  • 100% food-safe packaging
  • HD Flexo (up to 10 colors) or digital printing
  • Available in a transparent and printed foil
  • Material, barrier and design can be perfectly coordinated with our specialists for optimal results
  • We always supply our printed film on a roll
  • Custom made, with the right quality, shape and size
  • A response to your request within 24 hours
  • Download a free product sheet directly with all the information about Flowpacks

Possible finishes

See below some possible references for flow packs. These are the most used finishes but certainly not the only ones.

laminaat.png Laminaat             vernis.png Varnish

coldfoil.png Cold Foil               thermo-chromic-inkt.png Soft Touch 

Possible materials

See below some possible materials for flow packs. These are the most popular materials, but certainly not the only ones.

speciaal.png PLA               film-glans-pet.png PET 

papier-gemetalliseerd.png OPS               film-glans-pvc-2.png PVC

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