Ordering process labels

Below you will see the steps that are taken to order your labels. By means of this overview you can be sure that you will not forget anything and you will have a transparent insight into the process. Do you have questions on the basis of this overview? Contact us via info@altrif.nl or via 0165-562000.

Step 1: Request a quote
Select the desired product you want to order. These can be labels, flexible packaging or folding cardboard. Fill out the form "request for quotation" on our website as completely as possible. If you already have a fixed contact person within Altrif Label you can discuss your application with him / her. When your request is received, we strive to send you a customized quote within 24 hours. Our sales and calculation staff will provide you with a quote that is as suitable as possible for you.

Step 2: Approve quotation
After you have received an offer from us, you must approve it. In case of any comments or comments, this quotation will be drawn up again by your contact person. This process is repeated, where possible, until the quotation meets your requirements and you approve the quotation.

Step 3: Artwork control
You send your artwork what you want on the label to us via your permanent contact at our organization. His or her details are always on the quotation you receive. Then our prepress department will print the submitted artwork on the basis of the approved offer. In this way, the law certainly knows that the file that you provide us with can be used for production.

Step 4: Approve artwork
Once the artwork has been prepared by our prepress, you will receive these formatted documents by e-mail. We ask you to approve these files. Only when you give an agreement, we proceed to the planning and printing of the placed order. Our aim is delivery of 10 working days for new work and specialties, and 5 working days for repeat orders. The earlier / later delivery of your labels is possible in consultation.

Step 5: Receipt of order confirmation
After the artwork has been approved you will receive an order confirmation from us. In the order confirmation all specifications are displayed again, including delivery address and the expected delivery date. If you notice any issues, you can respond to this for last minute changes.

Step 6: Producing
You do not have to do anything from here. Production is currently working hard to produce the labels exactly like the made-up and approved artwork. Then the finish follows.

Step 7: Finishing
Our finish ensures that the label is prepared according to the information on the quotation. You have indicated that you want a specific number of labels on a roll or a maximum roll diameter. This way we ensure that the labels can be easily processed by you.

Step 8: Transport
The product is now ready for shipment. Our finish sets the product right after it is finished on transport. This keeps the order flow within the organization as efficient as possible. Your placed order will be delivered on the agreed date before 17:00. If you wish to take this delivery early or wish to have time delivery, additional costs are involved, please contact your regular contact.

Step 9: Delivery
Your order is on its way to the specified delivery address. The final and most important step is that the product is to your liking and delivered in good order as agreed.