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Hangtag Labels

One of our non-adhesive labels are Hangtag Labels. These labels are produced with a hole or slot to "hang" them on a certain product. In practice these labels are mainly used to give information about a certain product. The name tag is a collective name for all sorts of cards such as: printed price cards, product cards, clothing labels, cards with a logo or brand, cards with product information, tips or explanations about the product etc. A tag label is an alternative label to promote your product to your target audience. These labels are mainly used in the food and clothing markets to promote their products. 

Hangtags are produces in such a way that both the front and the back of the label can be printed. None of the sides have an adhesive side, so they do not stick to your product. 

Hangtags, also called Tag Labels, can be produced in either cardboard or plastic. We can produce these labels in large and small quantities. Advantages of ordering you hangtag labels at Altrif Label is that the we produce your tags quick and in a flexible manner.  Please contact us for more information. 


Characteristics Hangtag labels:

  • Commonly used examples of hangtags are: clothing labels, price tags, tags on bottles or as promotional feature. 
  • Tags can be printed on either one or both sides of the label. For example product information at the front side and a barcode or price on the back side
  • Your advertisement or logo on the tag, giving an extra communication tool to your customers
  • Easy to apply and remove to/from the product
  • Available on different material types - cardboard & plastic
  • Tags are available in any desired shape or size
  • Hangtag labels are printable in any desired colour combination, fully suited to your desires
  • Download our free productsheet with all the information about Hangtang Labels

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