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Destructible Labels

Did you ever had a label you could nog remove because it broke down into small pieces? That is what we call a destructible label. A destructible label crumbles apart at the moment someone tries to remove it. Because of the special structure of the material the label breaks down during these attempts. If the label is removed it breaks apart into small pieces and is almost impossible to remove from the product. A destructible label is extremely suitable for products sensitive to fraud or for security of your product. 

With this type of security label you make sure that your product is safe from fraud. Order your destructible labels at Altrif Label! Fast and flexible delivery are our standards. 

Characteristics of Destructible Labels

  • Impossible to remove or replace the label as soon as it is placed on the product
  • Immediately visible if an attempt is made to remove the label 
  • Product based actions including numbering or barcodes are possible
  • Suitable for product security or limiting the fraud possibility of your product
  • Available in any shape or design you are looking for
  • Choose the required rol diameter and rol winding to suit your application
  • Download our free productsheet with all the information about destructible labels. 

Possible finishes


Perforation in die










Embossing ink


Scratch-off ink


Odor ink



Thermo Chromic ink


Iriodine ink


Glow-in-the-dark ink

Possible materials



Special Material

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