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Counter Display

Who does not know them, the cardboard display boxes at the cash register or counter of a store. Known for stimulating impulse purchases. This packaging is often used to present individual products in an action-packed manner. The shape and content of this packaging is adapted to the products that are presented. These products can either be placed separately on the display or individually placed in an interior. By means of a perforation in the display packaging it can easily be opened and placed. This packaging can also be used in the store itself. For example, the products do not have to be placed individually in a shelf, but they are placed in bulk.

A counter display can be completely printed in the house style of the products it contains. Another variant of a counter display is the Shelf Ready Pack (S.R.P.) This means that a counter display can first be shipped in its entirety as transport packaging to the individual locations (e.g., stores) and then can be easily unfolded into a shelf package.

To bring your product to the attention you create a real eye-catcher with a display packaging. Products can be presented both vertically and horizontally. The closure of a counter display is often a auto-lock closure. Because this package contains several products, the bottom must be strong enough and do not fall apart.

About Counter Display:

  • Full printing (360 degrees) possible which offers a lot of space for product information
  • Present your products in a different way and stimulate their sales
  • Up to 8 colors of printing + 1 paint option
  • Shelf Ready Pack possibility: from transport to presentation packaging
  • Knows applications in, among other things, the retail
  • High flexibility in the shape, size, edition of your boxes
  • These counter display boxes are delivered flat (flat)
  • Ask your question online and get a response within 24 hours


Altrif label can make both the counter display and individual packaging for your product. Feel free to contact us for a tailored advice.

Possible finishes

See below some possible references for counter displays. These are the most used finishes but certainly not the only ones.

perforatie-in-mes.png Perforation           vernis.png Varnish

coldfoil.png Cold Foil               thermo-chromic-inkt.png Soft Touch 

Possible materials

See below some possible materials for counter displays. These are the most popular materials, but certainly not the only ones.

speciaal.png GD-quality          film-glans-pet.png GC2-quality         papier-glans.png Craft-quality

papier-gemetalliseerd.png GC1-quality         film-glans-pvc-2.png SBS-quality

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