Certifications and long standing relations, that is our mark 

In the appeal of your product the label plays a large part in determining the probability of detection in a shop. Your label can give your product just that little bit extra. That is why we at Altrif Label attach so much importance to supplying labels of real quality. Inside our organisation there is a lot of knowledge and skill available to achieve optimal presentation of the self-adhesive label.

Extensive camera control on our machines 

In order to provide a quality guarantee  for your labels during production we have installed various camera control units. We have done this on both our printing presses and our winding units. These cameras automatically stop the machine when a faulty label is detected. With these controls we can ensure that the number of faults is kept to a minimum.

Our way of working has been rewarded with various certifications 

It is well known that quality is an important subject within Altrif Label. Our certifications are proof that our processes have been assessed and approved. The attainment of our ISO9001 certificate indicates that our quality management have been approved. In addition we have also obtained an ISO22000 certificate covering food safety. 

Long standing relations with our customers

The good relations with our customers that we already have for many years, is proof that our concept works. Our products can be found in many different sectors. We can offer a customised solution for almost any application. With this approach customers choose for Altrif Label and they keep coming back. Day in, day out, we are helping big multinationals and smaller SME companies with everything and anything associated with labels.  

Internal courses and education programmes for our employees

We attach great importance not only to the quality of our products but also to quality and knowledge of our employees. Our employees are continuously offered possibilities for further education. Tailor-made advice is essential in order to achieve good co-operation. We continuously have courses available aimed at becoming competent in offering optimal advice. These vary from product oriented to service oriented training. Having the ability to offer quality in the very broadest sense of the word is very important to us! 

More information or contact us directly? 

Do you have questions or would you like some additional information? You are most welcome to contact our specialists and discuss the possibilities for your labels with them.